Dr. Mitesh Salariya - Technical Director

Dr. Miteshkumar Salariya holds a Ph.D. in Cyber Security Administration from Charisma University, Turks and Caicos Islands, USA. With an impressive career spanning over twenty-two years, he has emerged as a distinguished figure in the realm of Computer Networks & Security. Dr. Salariya is renowned for his entrepreneurial ventures in IT Training & Certifications, collaborating with major local and international IT vendors.

His expertise extends across various domains, including Microsoft Windows Server Administration, Cisco product lines, and Information Security. Notably, he is a proud member of OWASP and serves as an expert guest lecturer at prestigious institutions such as IEEE and Harvard University in the USA. Dr. Salariya's commitment to excellence has earned him the 'Advanced Level Instruction Excellence' award from Cisco.

Beyond academia, his practical experience encompasses active involvement in numerous IT projects, providing comprehensive enterprise solutions for critical IT systems. Dr. Salariya is dedicated to community service, having mentored and guided numerous successful students who have achieved notable positions in the IT industry.

Over the course of two decades, he has been instrumental in designing and delivering IT training programs, sharing his wealth of knowledge with the broader IT community. Dr. Salariya holds various certifications attesting to his proficiency and remains committed to nurturing the next generation of IT professionals, addressing the evolving needs of the IT landscape.

Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

Cisco Certified Instructor (CCI)

Juniper Certified Instructor (JCI)

Mile2 Certified Instructor (JCI)

VMware Instructor

He is a highly accomplished and renowned IT Trainer with vast knowledge on most key IT vendors.


CNA 3.12 Certified Novell Administrator completed dated on 3rd Sep. 1997
CNE 3.12 Certified Novell Engineer completed dated on 4th May, 1998
CNA 4.11 Certified Novell Administrator (Intranetware) completed dated on 24th Feb , 1998.
CNE 4.11 Certified Novell Engineer (Intranetware) completed dated on 7th May,1998.
CIM Certified Intranet Manager completed dated on 3rd July 1998.
Master CNE (Internet/Intranet Track) completed dated on 4th March, 1999.
CNA 5.0 (Netware 5.0) completed dated on 25th August, 2000.
CNE 5.0 (Netware 5.0) completed dated on 25th August, 2000.
MCP Microsoft Certified Professional completed dated on 28th July,1998
MCP + I Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet completed dated on 25th September, 1998.
MCSE Microsoft Certified System Engineer completed Dated on 3rd November, 1998.
MCSE + I Microsoft Certified System Engineer + Internet (MS Exchange Server 5.5, MS Proxy server 2.0, MS Internet Explorer 4.0) completed dated on 3rd November, 1998.
MCP (Windows 2000 Professional) completed dated On 5th Jan, 2000.
CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Completed dated on 17th Jan, 2000.
DCT Diploma in Computer Technology from Asset International (A division of APTECH)
DCNT Diploma in Communication and Networking Technologies from Asset International. (A Division of APTECH)
MCSE-2000 Successfully completed up-gradation of Windows 2000 on dated 10th September, 2001
MCDBA Microsoft certified database administrator completed dated on 29th November 2001.
Certified Novell Administrator 3.12

CNA 3.12

3rd Sep. 1997

Certified Novell Engineer 3.12

CNE 3.12

4th May, 1998

Certified Novell Administrator 4.11

CNA 4.11

24th Feb , 1998

Certified Novell Engineer 4.11

CNE 4.11

7th May,1998

Master Certified Novell Engineer

Master CNE

4th March, 1999

Certified Novell Administrator 5.0

CNA 5.0

25th August, 2000

Certified Novell Engineer 5.0

CNE 5.0

25th August, 2000

Microsoft Certified Professional

28th July,1998

Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet

25th September, 1998

Microsoft Certified System Engineer

3rd November, 1998

Microsoft Certified System Engineer of Windows 2000

10th September, 2001

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

29th November 2001

Certified Intranet Manager

Certified Intranet Manager

Certified Intranet Manager

Certified Intranet Manager

Certified Intranet Manager

Certified Intranet Manager

Certified Intranet Manager

Certified Intranet Manager

Certified Intranet Manager

Cisco Certified Network Associate

17th Jan, 2000