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Welcome to Franchising Excellence with Infobit Technologies

Embark on a journey into the world of franchising – a secure gateway to the realm of business. If you possess a high level of self-motivation, an entrepreneurial spirit, and are prepared to exert relentless effort to realize your dreams, franchising is the ideal avenue for you. This global phenomenon spans diverse sectors, from education to fast food, presenting a unique opportunity for you to join forces with a partner of impeccable credentials.

Franchising affords you the autonomy to operate under the aegis of a successful company, leveraging a meticulously tested business model, strategic alliances, and robust brand equity. This not only mitigates your risk but also fortifies your revenue stream, ensuring a secure and prosperous venture.

Venturing into IT Training Business

In the dynamic landscape of global business, the demand for technical computer training is projected to surge from USD 19 billion in 1999 to USD 34 billion by 2004, as per the estimations of the International Data Corporation (IDC). IT education stands out with its inherent advantages, as even minimally computerized companies require ongoing training. Furthermore, both new entrants and industry professionals seek continuous skill enhancement to not only attain technical prowess but also to stay abreast of contemporary job requirements.

Partnering for Success with Infobit Technologies

As a pioneering force in the high-end IT education industry, Infobit Technologies stands at the forefront of technological advancement. Established in 1999, our esteemed institution has cultivated strategic alliances with major software vendors, including Microsoft, PECB, ORACLE, Cisco, and Cloudera. Our success is underlined by our proficiency in placing students both in India and abroad, making us the preferred choice for IT professionals seeking to advance their careers.

The Infobit Technologies Advantage

Partnership with Infobit Technologies translates to substantial benefits:

- A highly successful franchise model at your disposal.

- Guidance from seasoned IT education experts to spearhead your new initiative.

- Access to a wealth of sales, marketing, and promotional materials, along with comprehensive operation manuals.

- A robust pool of experienced trainers, ensuring stability and excellence.

- Cutting-edge courseware and regularly upgraded training materials, a result of dedicated efforts from the Infobit team.

Seize the Opportunity – Become a Franchisee

For franchise inquiries in India and Overseas, kindly submit the Inquiry Form.