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The Software Industry needs a regular stream of skilled employees. These employees must have the knowledge and skills needed to perform real life job responsibilities. And organizations need credentials or certification that demonstrates the readiness of employees for real life situations.

Professional certification helps employees to gain practical skills, understand all aspects of a product and implement the best methods of solving technological issues. Over and above this, ongoing examinations keep a professional up to speed with changing technologies as well as more recent developments in existing technologies.

Organizations can validate their investments in training by having their employees demonstrate their skill level through standardized examinations conducted the world over. These certifications also help professionals to secure career advancement and stay competitive in today's demanding job market.

Infobit is one of the key delivery partners for such certification and testing services. Infobit Technologies has an alliance with local and international Testing services to conduct their computer and paper based test.

At Infobit we have trained and certified professionals to administer training exams to candidates. Our expertise is due to the sheer volume of examinations that we handle. We had taken over 2 lakh examinations for different vendors were conducted at Infobit.

Our test candidates get services like :

  • An undisturbed and quiet testing environment
  • The latest test information and updates
  • Strict adherence to scheduled exam time tables
  • Same day registration
  • Instant results